3 Things that both an iPad and Mac can do

Do you know that both your recent model iPad or your MacBook can do:

In the case of the iPad it needs to be “online” in order to do this but where you normally see the keyboard, you’ll also see a microphone button, which will let you talk to the iPad and it’d type text for you. If you’re using a MacBook or iMac there is a special setting that lets you do this “offline”. (that is, without having an internet connection.)
Dictation can be quicker than typing, such as sending a message to your spouse saying “coming home now, do we need milk?”.

Dictation is also helpful in the classroom for students that have difficulty in typing, especially students with special needs.

Airdrop is a really easy way of sharing files between Mac’s , iPads and iPhones.
On the Mac, all you need to do to share a file with another user on the same network is to start “Finder” and to click on the “Airdrop” word.
Then when your friend or associate does also, you’ll both see each others icon on the screen. Just use your mouse or trackpad and drop a file onto the other users icon and they will receive a message asking your permission to receive the file. Press “yes” and it’ll transfer.
This is a much faster way of transferring files than emailing them to each other, especially when you’re in the same house, office or room.

Magic Gestures (on a MacBook or an iMac with the Magic Trackpad)

If have either of the above Mac’s, I’ve found that most people are surprised when you show them how flexible that Gestures are to use.
To try this out, go to “System Preferences” and then click on “Trackpad”.
You’ll see videos such as: how to rotate photos using two fingers, like on an iPad; how to set up pinch to zoom; how to minimize apps in one gesture; how to right click.

These are just to name a few.
How about sharing some of your favourite but less known Mac or iPad features?
Please share them with us all.




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