3 Ways to integrate your iPad, Macbook and iPhone for easy access

To me, one of the best things about Apples products is that they all can work so seamlessly together.


With Apple being one of the few product manufacturers that produce hardware and software, I believe that they a huge advantage over their competition.

One of the things I’ve been most often asked by customers is for assistance to make this integration happen.


Sometimes it’s simply a matter of getting your iPhone, iPad and Macbook all connected to the same iCloud account. This helps so that when you add a person’s address details on one device, it’ll automatically be pushed out to the other devices.


But several folks aren’t aware of other advancements that Apple has made in taking this integration further.


One more recent one is called “Handoff” and it allows you to start reading a web page on your Mac and then pick up your iPad, open Safari browser and continue reading that web page exactly where you left it on your Mac.


Want to answer a phone call you’ve received to your iPhone but it’s in another room? If you’re working on your Mac, the caller ID will come up on your Mac, as long as it’s connected on the same WiFi network. Then you simply answer the call on your Mac instead of your iPhone. For me, the only slightly amusing side of this happens when I’m in the same room as my Mac, iPad and iPhone- it feels like the whole house is ringing at the same time!


Frequently, I am asked for my help because the parents and children have their own Apple devices and when someone decides to download a new song or app, everybody in the house also gets that App as well. Or everybody gets a Text Message (or iMessage) that was meant for just one of the members of the house.


This is caused by everybody in the house being logged on to the same iTunes and iCloud account. The solution here is to make sure that each member of the family has their own iTunes and iCloud account. (i.e avoid using one Apple ID for the whole family.)


In theory, children under the age of 13 aren’t supposed to have their own Apple ID, and quite a lot of parents don’t want their younger children sending and receiving their own emails, and this isn’t difficult to fix either. I can help with this.


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Hope this helps and I’ll look forward to hearing from you.