6 Useful Apps that are already on Apple Watch

In part two of my mini review of the Apple Watch, I’ll mostly focus on the inbuilt, standard applications of the device.

Some I find really useful and others, well, I’d prefer that they could be left out.


My List of Useful Apps

  • As I mentioned earlier, I personally like the variety and customisation of the various watch faces the watch offers. You not only get to choose which watch face you like, but you can choose small graphics like remaining battery life, your next appointment details and what the weather forecast is for your location.
  • The built in Fitness application is really good and it’ll encourage you to keep going when you’re close to reaching them. I’m about to reach my big 6 ohhhh birthday and I bike ride about an hour a day. The Fitness app is great to try and stretch myself in order to get to a good fitness level and the fitness app is great to help me in this respect.
  • The Apple TV remote control app is quite useful, especially now that I’m using Netflix through the Apple TV. It so much better than using the Apple TV’s silver-coloured remote.
  • The Calendar app is great for looking up what’s happening in the rest of my week and also for setting new appointments.
  • The Camera app, although I haven’t used it a lot, could be really useful. Not that the Apple Watch has a camera built in but think of it as a remote control for your iPhone’s camera it’s a useful thing to have.
  • The Music app. Now here’s an interesting use. There are two choices here. You can use it as a remote control for your connection to your iPhone’s stored music, or you can download about 2Gb of music directly to your Apple Watch and listen to it through some Bluetooth-connected headphones. This equates to about 200 decent quality songs. Personally, I’d rather leave the stored music on my iPhone and use the Apple Watch as a remote control to it.
  • Using Siri is a very positive experience on the Apple Watch. Siri keeps getting better and better.


Let me be really blunt here. The Apple Watch is really limited in it’s capability unless it’s connected to a close by iPhone in order to be really useful, because the Watch links to the iPhone for much of it’s data. Any internet or GPS data has to be sourced from an iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.


My list of Non-Useful Apps

  • Personally, I have no use for the Stocks application on the Apple Watch or the iPhone. I wish I could remove them from the choices each device gives me, but it’s not possible.
  • To me, the Photos application on the Apple Watch is totally useless. Who wants to see a 42mm photo of anything I want to display? On the iPhone or iPad this makes sense but on the Apple Watch, why bother?
  • Passbook which is one of the standard Apps but doesn’t have much practical use in Australia.
  • And the really big one is Apple Pay, which has no use in Australia until maybe next year. Some Australian banks have promised to introduce it next year, but why would I need it?. It’s an alternative to other systems we don’t need, in  my humble opinion.


Readability of Apple Watch Screen

I thought it might be helpful to compare the Apple Watch Screen in different light, so you can see how it performs. I’ve attracted photos off the screen of  my Apple Watch both inside my house and outside on a fully cloudy day here in Bendigo.


Apple Watch Indoors: iThings Bendigo

Apple Watch Indoors: iThings Bendigo

Apple Watch Outdoors: iThings Bendigo

Apple Watch Outdoors


Rob from iThings.