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Add-on products for automatically transferring photos to iPad

The iPad is incredibly useful, thanks to some of the inbuilt features and Apps available. “Add-on” products help you extend your iPad through hardware gadgets that connect to your iPad.

So here are a couple of ideas on extras I’ve purchased, used or know of.

Eyefi memory cards (

Imagine photos from your camera appearing in high resolution on your iPad. That’s what Eyefi does.

More than just storage of your photos in the camera, it provides a wireless connection (or WiFi) to your iPad for transferring photos. The Wifi is available in two versions: through your home network, which is called Infrastructure Mode, or direct from one product to another, which is called Peer-to-Peer mode.

Say you’re at a wedding and you grab your camera. With Eyefi, you can set the device to directly send photos to your iPad, even though you’re nowhere near a ‘normal’ WiFi connection.

Thanks to the iPad’s high-resolution screen, you can see your photos with greater clarity than your camera’s LCD. Another great option in the Eyefi setup is that after Eyefi has transferred the photos from your camera to your iPad, it can delete the photos from Eyefi, freeing up more space for other photos. Alternatively, you can use Eyefi to backup to the iPad and keep the photos on the card.

At the wedding reception, you can be sharing special moments from your camera with others using the iPad.

I’ve got an earlier model of these Eyefi memory/wifi card and I love it.

My Passport Wireless (

Got photos on your iPad and want to share them with your friends? The Western Digital My Passport allows you to wirelessly free up some space on your iPad, and share the files with others.

It’s a wireless, battery powered solution, that will help both you, and your friends.

In a School or Corporate Environment

A feature known as “Webdav” allows you to share your files and store them back to your offices environment, just with the press of a button.  Another feature you may not know about.

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