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Case Study: Mixed Messaging in Business

A local Managing Director contacted me from a local Bendigo company.  He described his home and company computer systems as “a bit of a dog’s breakfast”. He asked me to visit both locations and fix their issues.

After I assessed the situation, they were in quite a mess!


Here are some of the problems I discovered:


  • Mixed messages: Both the husband and his wife were using the same Apple ID. This meant that they were frequently receiving messages that were meant for their partner.
  • Mixed Apps: Since sharing the same Apple ID, one would install a new app, which may not be useful to the other. The partner would then receive the new app regardless.
  • iCloud mess: Using the same iCloud login meant that their private contacts where completely jumbled with their business contacts.
  • Lack of backup: Their iMac was not backing up. It turns out that this was their main office computer. If the hard disc drive “crashed”, they would have been in real trouble.
  • Patchy Wifi: The WiFi system didn’t provide coverage to several rooms.
  • Sharing: The owners didn’t know it, but they were actually using their neighbours open (non password protected) WiFi. This happened when their Wifi lacked coverage.
  • Their old Microsoft suite didn’t enable them to read Microsoft Word attachments from business who emailed files with newer versions of Office.


There were several other issues as well but I first sat down with them and explained all the issues they had and what the solutions were.


Given all the years I’ve been involved in IT, I always try to explain even the most technical issues in a way that the non computer “savvy” customer will understand. I quite often get complements from middle-aged and mature-aged customers thanking me for my patience. They appreciate me helping them to understand their Apple product issues and the solutions to fix them.


In this customers case, I knew it would take a few visits to both their home and work sites in order to get things working. We agreed on what the first priorities should be, and I commenced the work.

On the first visit I got their iMac backing up their internal hard disc drive. I also connected an older MacBook they had. I relocated their modem/WiFi device so that it covered their whole house, disconnected them from their neighbours WiFi system, backed up their two iPhones and an iPad, helped them create separate Apple ID’s. All of these helped fix many of their issues.


All in all after working with them, they are now delighted with the systems they have. They have also referred several of their friends and family to me as a result.

Customer satisfaction and positive word of mouth is absolutely vital in the case of iThings Bendigo.