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How to Fix Wireless Internet Blackspots at Home

Lately, a few clients have said that they aren’t getting the best access to the internet across their home.  They ran into internet ‘black spots’  and asked me for my advice on how to fix it.

One may think that an obvious solutions is to relocate their current modem/router closer to the centre of the house.  However, you need to have a nearby phone connection (if you are using ADSL- a connection to the internet through your home phone system). For some people, this isn’t an option.

My second suggestion is to look at updating your modem/router. This is one of the options that worked best for me. I was having dropouts and not so good coverage. I updated my modem/router to an all-in-one box from a company named D-link and couldn’t be happier with it.

Not only does the new system whole house with a great WiFi connection, it also enables quite a few other functions too.

For instance, I can plug in an external hard disc drive into it and I can back up my Apple MacBook from anywhere in the house, automatically.
The same with Windows computers.

I can also use a password protected system to allow my family and friends to access part of that external hard disc drive over the internet. Wherever they are in the world, they can share photos and other files privately.

However, some houses have double brick walls that limits a typical WiFi System.

D-Link for instance, has a solution for that as well, and it’s technical name is “Ethernet over Power”. What this means in layman’s terms is a solution which uses your home’s current 240 Volt electrical wiring in the wall, to enable an internet connection without having to install special computer cabling

Check out the D-Link products that enable this at the link below:

To use Ethernet over Power, one adapter plugged into your current modem/router and another into the normal wall socket. The other adapter is simply plugged in to a wall socket in a place with poor wireless internet.

You aren’t limited to using cables either. Some adapters include their own wireless connection for the “remote” or distant end of the house. This is a bit like ‘grafting’ extra wireless internet where it’s needed. If you like cables, then you can still get very fast connections to the internet.

With the right tools, you can access the internet wirelessly wherever you want it in your home. You don’t have to stand on your head to try and get the right wireless signal.

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Hope this helps.

3 Ways to integrate your iPad, Macbook and iPhone for easy access

To me, one of the best things about Apples products is that they all can work so seamlessly together.


With Apple being one of the few product manufacturers that produce hardware and software, I believe that they a huge advantage over their competition.

One of the things I’ve been most often asked by customers is for assistance to make this integration happen.


Sometimes it’s simply a matter of getting your iPhone, iPad and Macbook all connected to the same iCloud account. This helps so that when you add a person’s address details on one device, it’ll automatically be pushed out to the other devices.


But several folks aren’t aware of other advancements that Apple has made in taking this integration further.


One more recent one is called “Handoff” and it allows you to start reading a web page on your Mac and then pick up your iPad, open Safari browser and continue reading that web page exactly where you left it on your Mac.


Want to answer a phone call you’ve received to your iPhone but it’s in another room? If you’re working on your Mac, the caller ID will come up on your Mac, as long as it’s connected on the same WiFi network. Then you simply answer the call on your Mac instead of your iPhone. For me, the only slightly amusing side of this happens when I’m in the same room as my Mac, iPad and iPhone- it feels like the whole house is ringing at the same time!


Frequently, I am asked for my help because the parents and children have their own Apple devices and when someone decides to download a new song or app, everybody in the house also gets that App as well. Or everybody gets a Text Message (or iMessage) that was meant for just one of the members of the house.


This is caused by everybody in the house being logged on to the same iTunes and iCloud account. The solution here is to make sure that each member of the family has their own iTunes and iCloud account. (i.e avoid using one Apple ID for the whole family.)


In theory, children under the age of 13 aren’t supposed to have their own Apple ID, and quite a lot of parents don’t want their younger children sending and receiving their own emails, and this isn’t difficult to fix either. I can help with this.


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Hope this helps and I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

How to Print from iPad

Ready to Print? Unlike a laptop, there are no ports or places you can use to “plug in” an iPad to your printer directly, so here are a few ideas to help you print from your iPad.

What is AirPrint?

Firstly, Apple has made it easy for you to print from the iPad wirelessly through a technology they call “AirPrint”.

AirPrint Technology has been quickly adopted by most major printer manufacturers for their latest printers or multifunction.

On recent printer or multifunction printer/scanner/copier devices with AirPrint, you don’t need to install any software at all on your iPad. It just works, as a printer at least. And all of the devices in your house such as iPhone, iMac or Macbook can print directly to it. And you can print from any content on the internet or locally to the printer.

All you need is for the printer/scanner/copier to be connected to the same wireless network as your iPad is.

For many people, adding a printer to their wireless network is easy, as several manufacturers give step-by-step instructions to add a new printer.

If you don’t have an existing wireless network, the iPad can be set up to connect wirelessly direct to the printer.


Using AirPrint

When you produce a file of some sort using any application, just look for look for the on-screen icon with the “Up Arrow” and one of the options choices will be Print.

The first time you see that print message, it’ll ask you to let it find and connect to an AirPrint device, and it will look for it. When it finds it, just say “yes, that’s the one I want” and it’ll remember it for next time.


More than Printing

You can do more on your iPad than print. There is a free software download from the App Store for HP multifunction devices that lets you do a whole lot more with your iPad. [I’ll use HP as an example here, because they have one of the best solutions. (e.g. HP Photosmart Premium)]

For example, place a photo or document on the scanner on your HP device, you can then return to your couch or lounge chair and scan that document or photo directly to your iPad.

With the scan, you can then you can do a bunch of things with it. Imagine scanning a multiple page document with the built in duplexing feature on your printer (if it is available on your model). Or scanning a family picture to email to your kids.

Using the HP iPad App, you can send the scanned document within an email to a friend. Or you could scan the photo or document to “Dropbox” or “Google Drive”, another internet storage site, or you could use the scanned photo to edit using a photo editing app like Pixelmator etc. There are so many possibilities with these free iPad software packs for your device.


If you don’t have an Airprint Printer

If, for some other reason, you don’t have one of the more recent printer/scanner/copier output devices, search the App Store for the word “print” and you’ll see a bunch more options which will solve your needs.

Normally, these options will require you to have your PC or Mac switched on whenever you want to print from the iPad.


In summary, AirPrint makes it easy for you to print anything from the internet or your iPad.

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