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Boost your iPad speed and battery for Free

This week, Apple released the latest version of their software for the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

The upgrades make a significant boost to your battery life, running more than one App at once, improvements to Mail, Photos and Notes. Plus Apple makes great improvements to the way things look.

The latest versions are called iOS 9 for the iPhone and iPad, and “El Capitan for iMac’s and MacBooks. OS2 will become available for the Apple Watch.

A bunch of folks in the Bendigo area have slow internet speeds or very limited data allowance. Perhaps you connect to the internet via prepaid or Mobile Internet.

Apple software updates would likely exceed your download limit.

Contact me on 0457803207 and I’ll come to you and install the new software called El Capitan on your iMac or MacBook. I can bring a USB stick with the latest update, saving precious mobile internet data, and your sanity.

If you want an iPhone or iPad software installed with the latest release software, I can do that also.

Just contact me via my email address which is or on my mobile phone number 0457803207 and I’ll come to your house.

Contact me for an obligation-free chat anytime,





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