How to Fix Wireless Internet Blackspots at Home

Lately, a few clients have said that they aren’t getting the best access to the internet across their home.  They ran into internet ‘black spots’  and asked me for my advice on how to fix it.

One may think that an obvious solutions is to relocate their current modem/router closer to the centre of the house.  However, you need to have a nearby phone connection (if you are using ADSL- a connection to the internet through your home phone system). For some people, this isn’t an option.

My second suggestion is to look at updating your modem/router. This is one of the options that worked best for me. I was having dropouts and not so good coverage. I updated my modem/router to an all-in-one box from a company named D-link and couldn’t be happier with it.

Not only does the new system whole house with a great WiFi connection, it also enables quite a few other functions too.

For instance, I can plug in an external hard disc drive into it and I can back up my Apple MacBook from anywhere in the house, automatically.
The same with Windows computers.

I can also use a password protected system to allow my family and friends to access part of that external hard disc drive over the internet. Wherever they are in the world, they can share photos and other files privately.

However, some houses have double brick walls that limits a typical WiFi System.

D-Link for instance, has a solution for that as well, and it’s technical name is “Ethernet over Power”. What this means in layman’s terms is a solution which uses your home’s current 240 Volt electrical wiring in the wall, to enable an internet connection without having to install special computer cabling

Check out the D-Link products that enable this at the link below:

To use Ethernet over Power, one adapter plugged into your current modem/router and another into the normal wall socket. The other adapter is simply plugged in to a wall socket in a place with poor wireless internet.

You aren’t limited to using cables either. Some adapters include their own wireless connection for the “remote” or distant end of the house. This is a bit like ‘grafting’ extra wireless internet where it’s needed. If you like cables, then you can still get very fast connections to the internet.

With the right tools, you can access the internet wirelessly wherever you want it in your home. You don’t have to stand on your head to try and get the right wireless signal.

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Hope this helps.