How iPhone 6S Plus fits in with your viewing habits

When you’re getting a new phone, how do you choose what Apple Device to get?

The iPhone 6 S Plus, and the earlier iPhone 6 Plus, have changed the way that we view web pages and apps.

Where do these iPhones sit in the Apple lineup compared to an iPad Mini or and iPad Air 2?

I’ve had a good look at the 6S Plus and, of course, it’s a great phone! Recently at an Apple Store, I was interested in asking one of the Apple Sales staff, what product folks are buying, taking into account web surfing. Her response to me made a lot of sense.

She said that younger folks in particular or going for the 6S Plus because to them, the screen size is perfectly acceptable in for web browsing and apps. She went on to say that very few people would have both an iPad Mini and a 6S Plus in her experience.

I’d offer a slightly different “viewpoint”.

My use for an iPhone to date has been largely as a phone, and I do some internet banking and GPS applications, but I find I almost never use it for web viewing.

Why is that? Well it’s probably a matter of habit and age and of course the model iPhone I have. I use the iPhone 5S and the iPad Air with an almost 10” diagonal screen.

Even though my eyesight is fine with my glasses, I find web surfing a much better experience on the full sized iPad.

At a local Apple Reseller, I would show customers how to use an iPad. I used to suggest that customers go to say The Age newspaper website. Looking around on the site, customers would be able to take in a lot more of the site without having to scroll around or constantly zoom in and out. In this way, the iPad improved the experience compared to smaller screen products.

So, for me personally, even though I’ve had a good look at the iPhone 6S Plus, it wouldn’t be an “all in one” solution for me. with lots of other appeal over my 5S iPhone, but wouldn’t change my web viewing habits.

To me, it makes sense to have both an iPhone and an iPad and maybe you see that as a “der” thing to say… Yes, the iPhone makes phone calls and the iPad doesn’t, but I’m loving both products for their separate uses in terms of web browsing and other apps in full screen size.

But as usual, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject. So please reply and let us all know what you think.

I guess the simple question is, would the iPhone 6S Plus cover all your phone and browsing needs, or would an iPad make things so much better for you?

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