Mac: Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office

Some of my recent customers have been asking me to recommend alternatives to the Microsoft Office suite.
The current Microsoft Office Suite for the Mac range appears to be Office 365. This is sold via an annual subscription basis, or most recently as a one time payment only Microsoft Office 2016 suite.
From recent articles online it appears that MS Office version 2016 for the Mac appears to have SO many problems/bugs that most folks advise against using it.

Microsoft has committed to fixing the software issues, but I, for one, wouldn’t hold me breath for them

I’ve recently been looking at Libre Office as an alternative to the the Microsoft Office Suite.

Although it offers no email client like Microsoft Outlook, for the average, non cooperate user, to seems to rate really well and it’s free.

Take a look at it at

For the average user, in my humble opinion, Microsoft Office offers way too many options that we’ll never use.

That’s just my opinion. What do you think? I’m keen to hear from you.

Rob Plowman
iThings Bendigo