Really useful applications for business users on the iPad

The iPad has created a lot of interest amongst the business community and here are some of the most useful applications business users are telling me they use.
Microsoft Office for the iPad
You may not know but Microsoft has just realised free versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook for the iPad and iPhone.
Putting aside the iPhone versions because of the impracticality of the small screen, the iPad versions of these applications are really useful in that they provide full reading, editing and storage of those documents on the iPad.
You can start creating a file on any of these programs on your PC or Mac for instance, and save them to iCloud, Dropbox and other cloud services and edit them on your iPad. It’s incredibly useful and really worth checking out.

This iPad app provides you with the ability to do quotes for your business customers and follow through to an invoice if they accept your quote.
I’m sure lots of electricians and other “tradies” have visited customers during the day and then laboured over doing quotes for them outside business hours.
This application lets you do the quote and email the customer on the spot, so that they have the information immediately and can give you the go ahead immediately.
It also sends you a copy of the quote and allows you to integrate that into your current accounting system so that you can order the parts required if you don’t have them in stock already.
Free word processor, spreadsheet and presentation graphics applications
Apple has just released the above applications free to all.
All you need to do is log on to and use your free Apple ID and password and you can send Pages, Numbers and Keynote to anybody free of charge,
It’s a free alternative to Microsoft Office and really powerful.

Linked in is a powerful way for you to promote your business and network with others to promote yourself and your business.
If you haven’t already please visit and start promoting yourself and your business without any costs.

This is a free application that let’s you have up to 12 people on a video conference at the same time free of charge. All it will cost your is some of your internet data quota.
You can see, communicate with and share info and files with other Oovoo users free of cost
What other business applications do you find really useful ?
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