Should I buy an iPad Mini or the iPad Air?

Decisions, decisions! Which to buy and why?

In the latest round of product updates, Apple updated both the iPad Air and the iPad Mini. However, the changes were greater for the iPad Air than the iPad Mini.

The main update to the latest iPad Mini, hardware-wise, was the inclusion of the ‘fingerprint recognition’  (i.e. TouchID) to the Home button. After you setup your fingerprint on the iPad Mini, the Mini can recognise your unique fingerprint and easily authorise purchases, passwords and access to secure Apps on your phone. All you have to do is touch the Home button when required. This is a great timesaver for Apps that you would normally type a password into, such as a Journal app, Password-aggregation app, Banking app (e.g. CommBank) and others.


The second improvement Apple make with the latest iPad Mini was that they included a faster and more powerful WiFi connection, allowing you to use the internet and apps significantly faster and with a better range around your home or office.

Screen Size Test

So should I choose the iPad Mini or iPad Air?

Here’s a little test I’d suggest potential buyers to do before deciding between the Mini or the Air.

Go to a web site like “The Age” newspaper using Safari on both products and see which is more comfortable to look at.

Depending on your eyesight and your age, on the Mini, you may need to zoom in more often to read a headline or and article on the Mini, than you would with a full sized iPad Air.
It seems like a small thing, but frequently having to ‘zoom in’ can become frustrating on the smaller screen size of the iPad Mini.

Device Size and Portability

If you plan to carry your iPad Mini or iPad Air in your handbag or ‘man bag’, you may prefer the size of the iPad Mini over the iPad Air, because it fits easily. However, if you plan to mostly use your iPad at home in the lounge, then portability is less of a factor.

iPad Air 2 gets a Speed Bump

During the last round of updates to both model iPads, the iPad Air 2 got, a much faster internal processor and the Mini didn’t. Based on my use I don’t really care about the faster processing of the iPad Air 2. To me, this feature is more about helping folks that like playing intensive games with 3D graphics and I’m not one of those customers. Maybe you are?

To me, what’s much more important is battery life in everyday use more than performance with high end games.
I can still use a flight simulator game on my iPad Air 1 and I’m completely happy with the performance.

In short, I love both products for different reasons, but because I’m older and refer a larger screen and don’t care so much about whether it’ll fit into my ‘man bag’, since I don’t have one, I’d go for the Air over the Mini, but that’s just my choice.

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