Unlocking the treasures of your home media library

What things can you store on a home media box?

Home media boxes have many uses and work with virtually any device.
Basically they consist of a box into which you can put one, two, or more hard disc drives as storage. Then you plug it into your home router/modem.
With a Network Attached Storage device (or Home media box), you can do:
  • Share photos, movies, music and any other sort of file, so that if you want to, everyone in the house can share them.
  • You can also optionally add, a TV receiver (via USB) which is able to record free-to-air TV shows
  • Time Machine backups of Apple Mac’s and backup’s of Windows PC’s and laptops, both at the same time if you need to.
Some really useful features that I use include:
  • Share with Family (overseas, interstate or next-door). You or your family can connect to the NAS remotely and copy files from anywhere in the world. This is protected via a password protected system.
    Yes, you can use “DropBox” or other programs,  but they usually come with a very modest amount of free storage. Questions have been raised about how secure those services are.
  • Play music from a whole bunch of different music files, all from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad
  • A NAS can also connect Internet-enabled cameras to it. This becomes a home or business security monitoring system. Like CCTV,  the cameras can detect movement and starts recording. I’ve heard that the files from these recordings are admissible in court.
Peace of Mind
A NAS often has the option to add two disc drives. You can delegate the role of one of the disc drives is to ensure that it’s doing  “mirror” or exact copy of what’s on the other drive. So if disc drive 1 fails (and they can!) you just unplug the “dead” drive and drive 2 will automatically copy everything back to the replacement drive. Ie a double back up or “to be sure, to be sure” as they say.
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Hope this helps.